Wildcatters - Independent Oil Men of the Permian Basin

Wildcatters – Independent Oilmen of the Permian Basin
This series, with its never-before-seen videos and story content, is essential for communicating the real life story of the oil patch. The industry that made American dreams come alive is often questioned with a prejudiced and cynical attitude. It is often taxed with minimal justification, ignored when losing money, and penalized when profitable. Yet the real behind-the-scenes story of the strongest industry in the world remains untold. This series is not confrontational but it will entertain and educate the broader American public about the true character of the people whose quest for profit and excellence has helped make this country an economic powerhouse. In this series, their larger-than-life exploits and emphasis on “luck” will not overshadow their successes resulting from hard work, insight, and drive. The story of their resilient character, combined with their technological and scientific innovations, communicate the real heart of wildcatters.

Each episode is an engaging mix of contemporary footage, historical narratives, technical animations, and tall-but-true tales from the oilmen themselves. Using cutting-edge 3D animation, “Wildcatters” draws viewers into the complex world of the oilfield and plunges them deep into the subsurface to watch technology at work. The series exposes the breadth of the industry, illustrating how geology, chemistry, math, economics, business theory, and even philanthropy, are applied in the oilfield.

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