Wildcatters - Independent Oil Men of the Permian Basin

How they got started in the Petroleum Industry...

The first of many questions, “How did you get started” is answered by each of the follow individuals;
please click on the name of the person you would like to watch.


Arden Grover
Arlen Edgar
Bob Landreth
Buddy Branum
Cadell Liedtke
Clayton Williams


Charles Weiner
Dan Smith
David Arrington
Decker Dawson
Don McGookey
Earle Rodman

Earnest Angelo
Hoxie Smith
J. Evetts Haley, JR.
Joe Gifford
Joe O'Neill, III
Jim Henry

Kenny Jastro
Modesta Williams
Myra Robinson
Rudy Kuzmich
Steve Melzer
Tom Coleman

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