Wildcatters - Independent Oil Men of the Permian Basin

How we got started ...

Frustrated with one-side negative news stories about the oil industry Don Poage and I compared notes one day and I mentioned that I would like to convey the Industry’s story. At the same time we had realized some of the industry’s greats had already passed away and were passing away. Both with our own past experiences in the industry and Don’s knowledge of oilmen, we decided to start with Tom Brown the owner of the drilling company I broke out with in 1980. The only problem was that he passed away before we could do the interview. Don Evans was gracious enough to sit down and briefly tell Tom’s story a month after the funeral. We then spent the next year trying to raise enough money to archive other interviews.

Our first interview with Don Evans about Tom Brown was the eye opening experience about the men and women of the Industry. What a valuable asset our country would have if we could provide video archives of all interviews to the Petroleum Museum and other museums, communicate the industry to the general public nationally through broadcast programs and educate young people about the industry on school campuses. Plus the materials we might generate may also be use in recruiting quality individuals to the industry and conveying technical and geological information to study groups.

We raisied the funds to conduct about 30 interviews and produce the pilot series we have today. We have just scratched the surface, we only used a fraction of the interviews conducted for the series and there are still hundreds of interviews and stories to convey the industry’s story. Hopefully, one day before everyone in my father's generation is gone

Jon Lindgren, Producer/Director, Wildcatters – Independent Oilmen of the Permian Basin

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